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profile pictureTop of the mornin’ to y’all. Joshua here, and I’ve been drinking tea almost as long as I have been drinking water. Growing up, I never really thought much about the health benefits of drinking tea because for me, it was normal. Tea is a part of my culture. Now that I am older, I know that tea isn’t really as popular as it should be. I hope to change that by providing a source of information about tea.

There is a lot of different teas out there and they all have different benefits. They also have different tastes. I realize tea can get expensive (especially the really good ones). There’s a lot of brands out there too, so which ones give me the best value? Tea bags or loose tea? So many choices! I hope to help you in all these areas if possible. As time progresses, more and more information would be available and if you would like to contribute as well, feel free to let me know!

So now about me…

I’m older than I look and aside from my genes, maybe it’s all the tea I drink on a regular basis. In either case, I’m currently 34 yours old and loving it. I drink tea pretty regularly and love trying new teas as well. I do prefer drinking my tea without any additives as that is how I have always done it since I was young. Some people may not agree, but I think of it as no big deal. There are a lot of people that drink coffee black right?

If there’s a tea you feel I should try let me know in the comments below or email me. I don’t support any particular brand, but there are limits to what I can freely access as well so please forgive me if I don’t get to try your personal favorites.

Thanks for stopping by and cheers!



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