Founder of Everything Tea, born in Mexico, moved to the USA when she was just 15. She was living Europe at the onset of the Corona Virus pandemic and ventured to the small island of Taiwan in March of 2019. While traveling with her family in Southern Taiwan in April of 2019, they decided to stop at a local tea farmer nestled along the hillsides descending the famous Alishan mountain. The founder has always been a passionate tea drinker but the tea she tasted on that day was unlike the “other” teas she’s enjoyed in the past. She purchased several boxes to bring back to share with her friends and family. Everyone asked But one night she thought: “why not introduce the world to the best oolong and black teas?” Most of the teas she’s purchased in the past originated from China. But quality and safety have always been concerns as there have been flags raised about the contaminants often found in China’s tea products. She’s now on a life mission to promote Taiwan, more specifically promote the high-quality craftsmanship through Taiwan’s teas. Spreading the tea news around the world.