Chaozhou Tea aka Wudongtea Review: Rankings and Overview

Chaozou Tea Brewed


PRODUCT: Oolong Tea (various)
PRICE: $12-$60
OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 (Extra points for quality)

Chaozou Tea Brewed

 Chaozhou Tea Overview

A few weeks ago, Wudongtea on Instagram reached out to me and inquired if I would be interested in trying some free samples of Oolong tea. After a few questions and doing a little due diligence, I agreed and after getting my tracking number, I waited. A few weeks later I received my package in the mail. It was a bit smaller than I thought it would be. When I opened the box, there were five packets of tea inside (see my unboxing video below).

About Chaozou Tea

This is a family owned tea farm in Wudong Village, Chaozou, China. All the tea plants are grown organically and are typically more than 100 years old at least. They are located 1000 m above sea level with an annual temperature of 20°C.  When looking at each tea, you can absolutely see the quality of tea with Chaozou Tea. After brewing the tea, the tea leaves open to the full original sizes they once were. This in itself is a rare quality to find with most teas in North America. I, personally was quite excited to see this and most definitely speaks to the highest quality of tea leaves.

*DISCLAIMER: I've been informed that not all the teas listed below are not currently available through their website. I have linked what I could below.

Hong ChaHong Cha

This is a black tea derived from an independent bush (dancong) and therefore does not even have a hint of astringency. It has a natural sweetness, and carries floral and fruity notes. It hosts a raspberry red liquor, which makes this a very comfortable sipping tea. The leaves itself are fine young leaves and are highly oxidized, making this particular oolong tea, black tea. Hong cha has a very sweet aftertaste which compliments the floral and fruit notes in aroma.

Wudong Mi Lan XiangWudong Milanxiang

This particular tea is harvested once a year during the spring from a 350 year old bush. It is dried in a closed air controlled room at a high temperature. The leaves are hand rolled into a bar shape. Carbon baking is used to dry. Although the leaves look highly oxidized, the tea itself is closer to a green tea in color. The aroma has a fresh natural grassy scent to it. The taste is very mellow and slightly astringent.

xue gong xiangXue Gong Xiang

Xue Gong Xiang has a very fruity aroma. The leaves are comprised of medium sized leaves and appear to be more oxidized with a slight tinge of green. When brewed the tea itself was actually a light yellow. The taste, to my slight disappointment did not have any sweetness to it at all. It had more of a fresh grassy taste to it, but not really astringent. Personally, due to the disappointment of not tasting like what my nose had initially detected, I didn't really enjoy this particular tea as much as the others.

Ju Duo ZaiJuduo Zai

Also known as Xingrenxiang. Similar to Wudong Milanxiang, the leaves of this tea are harvested from a 350 year old bush once a year during the spring. The drying and oxidation process is also the same, so it would make sense that the brew would also be similar in color. The taste however is very different. Juduo zai has a fruity undertone with a fresh, grassy scent as primary. It taste itself, like the aroma, is slightly astringent with a mildly sweet aftertaste.

Chun Xue Huang Zhi XiangChun Xue Huang Zhi Xiang

Chun Xue Huang Zhi Xiang (wow what a mouthful), has a flowery jasmine aroma to it. Personally, I love jasmine green tea and this is an oolong version of it, or so it seems. It is comprised of a combination of larger leaves and stems and the leaves were more green. Because of the green of the leaves, the tea brew itself also appeared lighter than the rest. It had a bit of a fresh grassy taste with a lovely jasmine aftertaste. If you like jasmine tea and want to try an oolong version, this is the tea for you.



Check out the second part of this unboxing which happens to be the taste test as well. Take a look. 


Final Thoughts

I loved most of the teas that were provided to me. All of them were unique in taste and you can tell the quality of the tea just by looking at it. If you ever have the pleasure of getting tea from Chaozhou Tea, you will see for yourself the quality of tea it is. If you are unsure about trying any sort of oolong tea, Chaozhou Tea is definitely a good place to start. Let me know your thoughts if you have tried their tea. What other oolong teas have you tried? What did you like or not like? Let me know in the comments below!

Overall Results:

Tea Name Tea Leaves Aroma Taste Overall Rating
Hong Cha hong cha Sweet and fruity Fresh with a very sweet aftertaste 5
Wudong Milanxiang wudong milanxiang Grassy with a slight sweetness Slightly astringent and grassy 3.5
Xue Gong Xiang xue gong xiang Very slight fruity aroma Strong grassy and astringent 3
Juduo Zai (Xingrenxiang) juduo zia Balanced grassy and fruity Very smooth and full bodied with a mild sweet aftertaste 4
Chun Xue Huang Zhi Xiang chunxuehuang zhixiang Grassy and jasmine/floral Grassy with jasmine undertones in aftertaste 4

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