Health Benefits of Tea vs Coffee – What Do You Think?

Tea vs Coffee


Tea vs Coffee


I'm sure that like myself, you have wondered what is better, in regards to the health benefits of tea vs coffee. I love tea, as you can tell, but I love coffee too. I've always heard of many different health benefits of tea, but not a lot in relation to coffee, so I started my research into the matter. As I looked closer, many of the health factors that were attributed to coffee was really the caffeine in the coffee and not really unique to coffee itself. Having said that, because coffee has a higher caffeine content than tea, if we were to compare tea vs coffee at similar strengths, coffee does not have many more health benefits than tea. It would be more prudent to start with the health benefits of caffeine.

Possible Health Benefits of Caffeinecaffeine chemical structure

  • Increases and helps consolidate memory
  • Caffeine can help stimulate hair growth on balding men and women
  • Decreses the risk of dimentia and Alzheimer's later in life
  • Reduces the chances of heart disease
  • Helps prevent skin cancer and melanoma
  • Can help protect against Parkinson's disease in men
  • Lowers weight gain by increasing metabolic rate

caffeine amounts per beverage

What Tea Offers That Coffee Doesn't

5 teas

  • Tea has more antioxidants - Green tea specifically has an antioxidant called ECGC which gives the immune system a boost and protects against cell damage
  • Phytochemicals in green tea helps shield neurons that produce dopamine
  • Tea allows for longer, more restful sleep than coffee drinkers
  • Some tea has been linked to calmer and soothing moods such as jasmine or lavender tea
  • Tea allows for longer periods of energy than coffee and helps shrinks fat cells



The Verdict?

As both a coffee lover and a tea lover, I must look at the evidence. It appears to me that tea has just a little more health benefits than coffee. To be honest, when you look at all the research out there, it's really a close call. Coffee has it's benefits as does tea, but when you take into account that the benefits for coffee primarily stem from caffeine, then like we mentioned before not much of a different between the two. That is why we had to focus more on what tea offers that coffee does not. Some of these things you can check for yourself. Do you get better sleep if you drink tea instead of coffee? Does your metabolism get better if you drink green tea? Let us know by sharing your stories below.


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14 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Tea vs Coffee – What Do You Think?

  1. I don’t know that Tea can give such benefits compare to coffee. I am a coffee lover, but I can’t take too much of coffee because I can feel dizzy if I take too much.
    Might be in future I will try to change to tea but I love the coffee taste much more than any drinks. Haha.
    Thanks for your info~ Great post

    1. Joshua L.

      I know what you mean. I can’t say too much if it’s the taste of coffee you like. Maybe think about half decaf half regular coffee? That might help with the dizzy spells. Tea will help in that area for sure. I know someone who get dizzy from drinking too much coffee as well, but never had an issue drinking tea.

  2. I really enjoy reading your post! I am both coffee and tea lover so I don’t think that I am about to choose one of them! I think that it is good to know what’s the “Right” occasion to drink tea or coffee! You see when I want to stay focused and have more energy I drink coffee! And when I want to relax and have a good sleep I drink tea!
    Best wishes,

    1. Joshua L.

      I can totally relate! I don’t really want to choose one over the other since I love them both so much! I usually like having my coffee in the morning and in the evening I love having my tea. I know when I am sick, I do drink tea over coffee all the time though.

  3. Interesting article!
    I love both tea and coffee! However, think that tea is much healthier than coffee. One thing to mention about coffee is – it’s very acidic and all goodness that it used to have is destroyed during roasting and processing. Tea usually doesn’t go through that much and thus gets to keep many of its healing properties.
    Interesting enough I have harder times falling asleep after drinking tea! 🙂

    1. Joshua L.

      That is pretty interesting about having trouble falling asleep. How much tea do you typically find yourself drinking? Coffee is acidic typically with a lighter roast. Dark roasts are known to have less acid and more “body”. It is true a lot of the goodness is lost during roasting, but even more is lost when grinding the beans. Hence why I grind my own beans. 🙂

      1. Oh good to know!! I would love to grind my own beans, love the smell of coffee! 🙂
        It’s enough if I have even one cup of green tea and m sleep is disturbed! Very weird haha!

        1. Joshua L.

          Sounds like you may have a lower tolerance to caffeine in general? Coffee bean grinders aren’t too expensive and if you love the smell of coffee, definitely worth it.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. I am a tea drinker. A cup of hot fresh cow milk tea will make my day. Besides, the weight loss, it also has the anti toxin for cancer.

    1. Joshua L.

      I’ve had milk tea with a black tea as a base. What sort of tea do you use as a base?

  5. Every time I drink tea I never feel like I get the caffeine kick I am looking for. That is the whole point of me drinking coffee is for the energy. Do you know of teas that are going to offer me the same type of caffeine and energy kick?

    1. Joshua L.

      Because coffee has a higher caffeine content in comparison to tea in general, you may be hard pressed to find a tea with as much caffeine as coffee to be honest. There are some teas that infuse caffeine into the tea so there is a higher quantity of caffeine. Check out:

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  6. Britt

    I have cut down on my coffee intake and uped my green tea but this makes me think maybe I should cut down to 5 cups of coffee still and keep going…but I love my coffee and I was born and raised in the south so tea everywhere else is like syrup so that’s not an option if I am out somewhere.

    1. Joshua L.

      Hi Britt, what do you mean by the south? “Cut down to 5 cups of coffee” huh? lol. At one point I was averaging about 9 cups of coffee a day myself. I’m also a little confused about tea being like syrup? If you don’t mind elaborating a little. 🙂

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