Review: David’s Tea Matcha Maker – Shake it!

David's Tea Matcha Maker

Davids Tea Matcha Maker


PRODUCT: David’s Tea Matcha Maker
PRICE: $35.00
RATING: 4.5/5



David’s Tea Match Maker, Overview

David's Tea Matcha Maker disassembledMatcha has the most health benefits out of all the green teas. Why? You are actually consuming the tea leaves themselves and not just extract. Matcha increases your metabolism 10 times more than regular green tea so I decided why not. The capacity is 14 oz (421 ml) and not only can you use it for matcha, but comes with a regular tea infuser as well. The screw top lid has a rubber seal to make it leak-proof, but also has a safety button on it to help release any built up pressure within the canister. The frother and infuser are interchangeable and you just screw it on and off.

A Little Pricey? Not Really.

You may think for a travel mug or even a tea infuser, it’s a little pricey. You forget that it’s also a frother for matcha. Matcha is a little different than regular tea as you don’t typically steep the tea, but rather try to dissolve the tea leaves powder. A traditional matcha whisk & bowl set is $35.00 or more. This matcha maker is $35.00, but is also quite east to use. View to video below to see the different parts and a how-to in using the matcha maker.

How Does it Work?

David's tea matcha maker frother

This one part here is the frother. The little rubber ball in the inside of this plastic “cage” agitates the matcha to cause the foam. Now the harder you shake it creates more foam. Don’t like the foam? No problem! If you pour out the matcha with the frother in place, it gets rid of the foam. I’m sure you’re asking, wouldn’t it normally just foam without this part? Not really. If you don’t believe me you can definitely try it for yourself. Also remember, do not let the ball touch the tea itself. If you do, it cause the foam to subside almost immediately.


It’s pretty awesome. It’s easy to use and it’s versatile. Not only can I use it for matcha, I can switch out the frother for the infuser and have regular tea as well. It helps me drink matcha on a day to day basis and let’s me take it on the go. Have you used a similar product or maybe this exact one? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Kristine Lee

    I love this matcha maker.

    1. Joshua L.

      Glad you do. I like it a lot as well. 🙂

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